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theallseeing's Journal

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This is Helios.
The Sun.
The All-Seeing.
The golden god who with his fiery steeds in rein rides across the sky in his chariot to spread the light of the sun over the earth below.
This is Helios on a sabbatical.
No sun chariot.
No fire-darting steeds.
Just an ancient god wandering aimlessly on the mortal world for a change in pace. Repetition just got boring after a millennia.
Personality: Formal, distant, blunt. As the all-seeing watcher of earth and all the domain below Helios has become rather distant from the rest of society, both Olympian and mortal alike. Though his knowledge is wide given that he does in fact see all things, he has never quite gotten the intricacies or subtleties of personal interaction. Therefore, Helios has never been one for subtly nor tact in most cases. On the plus side, his formal constraints usually dictate that he at least be (mostly) polite and he is generally very courteous.

in progess

This is for rp fun only, no profit whatsoever.
I do not own the Greek god of the Sun or his lovely PB Misha Collins.
Both the mun and definitely the muse are over 18 years of age.